Trump Humiliated In Poland After Handshake Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)


Donald Trump just got dissed so hard by the wife of Poland’s leader, that his fragile ego may never recover. Women in general make Trump cringe, just the thought of menstrual cycles makes him rant about bleeding women for months on end, but something about the wife of a world leader rebuffing his request for a handshake will surely make his blood absolutely boil.

Check out the video below as Poland’sĀ Agata Kornhauser-Duda pretends she doesn’t see the president of the United States extend his hand, as if to gesture for a handshake. Instead, the woman keeps her eyes forward and aims for Melania, whom she happily embraces.

Melania is surely seen as the emotionally (at the very least) battered wife abroad that she is viewed as in the states, and the wife of Polish leaderĀ Andrzej Duda obviously feels compassion for her delicate situation. To be filthy rich and live with a douchebag, or to be an independent woman and have to live among the commoners.

The privileged struggle is real.

Check out the hilarious video below via Twitter and watch Trump slowly react to being disrespected on camera..and by a woman!