Melania Trump Trapped After Police Refuse Clearance To Leave Hotel Suite


The situation in Hamburg, Germany has heated up after approximately 12,000 protesters became violent. One of their goals was to impede the travel of world leaders to and from the Messehallen Convention Center. They’ve successfully met that goal by causing travel disruptions including a detour President Donald Trump was forced to take when arriving in the city.

However, the protests have affected more than just the president. It’s also affected his wife, first lady Melania Trump. Newsweek reported:

‘Melania Trump was prevented from leaving her residence at the G20 in Hamburg Friday morning due to the vast protests raging throughout the German city, according to local media.’

On her agenda Friday was a trip with other spouses of leaders to tour the city. The tour also included a stop at the center for the study of climate change.

According to NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson, Melania’s spokesperson reportedly claimed they were unable to receive police clearance to leave the hotel. She tweeted:

Reaction to the news included some hoping she would be forced to stay in the hotel.

Others blamed German Chancellor Merkel for not bussing in pro-Trumpers.

The news of Melania being trapped due to safety concerns is questionable, however. In a video posted by Carola Große-Wilde, an editor with AP, the G20 spouses can be seen arriving at the port of Hamburg for their city tour without Melania.

The protests are distributed across the city so surely the first lady is not the only one affected. Perhaps with such a global focus on the Trump presidency, her safety may be more at question than the other spouses. However, the unhappy protesters are to a point of violence, and it’s doubtful they care who they disrupt, just so long as they are disrupted.

Additionally, what is the definition of “trapped”? It’s safe to assume the hotel Melania is “trapped” in is a very posh hotel with many amenities and comfort. It can’t be that bad. When thinking of being “trapped” somewhere, one would probably imagine being trapped in a hovel – not a luxurious hotel.

Furthermore, what about the optics of Melania attending a center for climate change study? It would not bode well for the Trump administration. In fact, it would most likely be lampooned into memes and turned into a pelted egg on the face of the White House and Republican platform. Furthermore, how could the spouses be around Melania, whose husband, our president, backed out of the Paris Accord? How awkward would that be?

Indeed Melania’s safety is at question. However, Melania being trapped in her hotel is most likely a very good thing for the Trump administration, which is already a laughingstock among environmentalists and millions across the globe.

Featured image by Morris MacMatzen/Getty Images.