Merkel Just Eye-Rolled Putin Like A Total Boss & It Was All Caught On Video


No matter how you feel about Angela Merkel, no one can deny that she gives great face. When Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to explain something that obviously annoyed her, Merkel was not afraid to express just how she felt about it.

The relationship between Merkel and Putin has been well-documented and is a contentious one. Merkel’s dismissive stares and eye rolls, however, are not reserved just for the Russian president. She is known for her complete inability to control a look of disdain and aggravation in moments caught on camera.

Merkel has held her own at the G20 Summit, where leaders from around the world met this year in Hamburg, Germany. Although she has taken photos and exchanged pleasantries with U.S. President Trump, she held to her earlier statement that the United States is no longer to be trusted to stand with Europe. It had to be awkward to meet with the Orange One in the face of that boldness, but Merkel did not back down.

Twitter reacted to the Putin eye roll with glee.

Featured image via Getty/Pool