Trump Flies Into G20 Summit Tweetstorm Like A Kid That Ate Too Much Candy


Trump’s overseas trips provide endless hours of embarrassing entertainment while the new American president rants, shoves, and criticizes his way through important moments. In a visit with Poland, Trump ranted about CNN. While visiting Europe, Trump lectured world leaders on NATO while proving he had no clue how NATO actually worked. As the rest of the world laughs at the new buffoon-in-chief, Trump blunders around yelling grade-school bully insults and expecting nothing but praise.

When Trump retired for the evening during his G20 Summit trip on Thursday evening, he wasn’t quite finished embarrassing the country with his childish antics. Since he was, apparently, missing the adoration of his Twitter bots, the president took to Twitter for a long night of rants about fake news and to spread some of his own fake news to the American people.

It is unusually difficult to even know where to start with Trump’s nonsense. It is doubtful that anyone is discussing the DNC or John Podesta’s refusal to allow the FBI to analyze servers since the FBI never requested to do so and, instead, relied on the analysis of an independent contractor who had already been hired by the DNC to investigate the hacks. Trump’s “great speech” included a few good moments, but has been widely panned as frighteningly nationalist. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “great meeting” aside, still holds her position that Europe can no longer count on the United States with Trump in office.

Twitter users reacted to Trump’s rants and fake news, as well.

Featured image via Getty/Matt Cardy