Ivanka Tweets A Giant Load Of Crap & Twitter Immediately Makes Her Regret It


Ivanka Trump made headlines this weekend when she sat in for her father at the Group of Twenty summit in Hamburg, Germany. The first daughter is in the news once again after being praised publicly for inspiring the creation of a global initiative meant to help female entrepreneurs in developing countries.

According to The Washington Post, the World Bank, in response to a push from Ivanka, has recently created the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi). German Chancellor Angela Merkel introduced the program on Saturday.

The World Bank has so far raised $325 million for the initiative from several countries, including $50 million from the United States. Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have also contributed to the program.

A report from CNN explained that the We-Fi will provide a number of financial and non-financial resources to women in developing countries, including “loans, technical assistance and guidance, mentorship opportunities, and policy reform to eliminate barriers.”

A White House official told WaPo that Ivanka planted the idea for the program “several months ago.” Despite supposedly being responsible for getting the program started, she will not have any authority over its investments or operations.

It might be best that Ivanka will not be involved in the program, especially considering the questionable conditions Chinese men and women work under in the factory that manufactures many of the products for her own clothing brand. A report published in April by NBC revealed that sweatshop workers responsible for making her clothing were paid just $62 per week.

There’s also the fact that Ivanka Trump’s father has proposed making massive cuts to programs that offer aid to developing countries. Despite pushing for these cuts, the White House has fully supported this new initiative — although it should be pointed out that the U.S. was not the first country to publicly commit; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged a combined $100 million in May.

President Trump said on Saturday that the initiative has the potential to dramatically change the global economy.

‘The world economy will grow and millions of people will be lifted out of poverty. Millions and millions of people.’

The first daughter tweeted on Saturday morning about her excitement for the program.

‘Today @POTUS announced America’s commitment to the #WeFi, focused on supporting women’s entrepreneurship globally. #WorldBank #WeFi #G20’

She has received praise for the program from her father and other people at the Group of Twenty summit, but the folks on Twitter have been much more skeptical.

Plenty questioned Ivanka’s own experience as a female entrepreneur.

Others questioned her motivations for supporting the program and reminded her of her history of exploiting underpaid sweatshop workers.



Meanwhile, some pointed out the fact that the gender pay gap in the White House has grown since Ivanka’s father took over.

Ivanka Trump may say that she supports working women both at home and abroad, but her actions tell a different story. Even if she wasn’t — like her father — guilty of exploiting foreign workers, she has still sat idly by while the president pushes program after program that will make life more difficult for women.

Ivanka has been able to fool some, but as the tweets above show, the majority of the world is still less than impressed with her.

Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.