Trump Tweets Ridiculous Lies About G20 Summit & Twitter Unleashes The Fury


Donald Trump must live in a made-up fantasy dreamland that is occupied by only him and his supporters. There simply can’t be any other way to describe his repeated delusional tweets and remarks about things that he feels have gone or are going great, or just wants his supporters to think are going great, even though others report otherwise.

The latest instance of Trump celebrating a success that simply isn’t so is a Saturday tweet about the G-20 Summit. The Trump administration was blasted, to say the least, by Summit leaders. The condemnation was so blunt that German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel didn’t even speak about the U.S. in roundabout terms.

Regarding Trump’s decision not to participate further in the Paris Agreement, Merkel said:

‘Unfortunately — and I deplore this — the United States of America left the climate agreement, or rather announced their intention of doing this.’

The environment isn’t the only issue that world leaders differed with Trump on. Several reports have surfaced that summit participants hit a wall regarding trade because of Donald Trump’s policies, and to that end, Merkel made it abundantly clear that Trump made talks difficult.

However, to let Donald Trump tell it, he was the shining star of the summit and things couldn’t have gone better. He tweeted:

Quick to point out that Trump isn’t as awesome as he proclaims, several social media users responded:

Several people shared a rumor that Trump didn’t even go to scheduled meetings, but sent Ivanka instead:

To which someone replied with a pretty funny meme:

It’s a sad day when other world leaders so openly call out and condemn the leader of the self-proclaimed greatest nation on Earth and he doesn’t even realize that he isn’t respected. America deserves a commander who doesn’t live in his won alternate reality.

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