U.N. Ambassador Responds To Ivanka Taking Trump’s G20 Seat Like A Boss


People around the globe were rather confused by Ivanka Trump, adviser to her father President Trump. At the G20 summit in Germany, Ivanka took over her father’s seat among various world leaders during a working session on the “Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health.” Generally, if the president needed to step away, his chair would be filled by someone in a more high-ranking position.

U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley was asked about Ivanka’s strange role within the administration by moderator John Dickerson, as this is not the first time that Ivanka has been present for high profile international discussions. The Ambassador stated:

‘She’s got her certain issues that she focuses on and when those things come up then that’s where she is.’

Haley also told Dickerson that Ivanka has been accepted very well by people nationally and internationally, and has focused on issues close to her heart, such as women’s entrepreneurship, poverty, and famine. Haley added:

‘She sees herself as part of a public servant family and she doesn’t want to waste this time by not putting forward some effort to try and help the world.’

A part of a public servant family Ivanka may be, but never before have a previous president’s children been allowed to sit in on important conversations with various world leaders. Not only is Ivanka highly unqualified, but it should have been the president, or someone who know what they are actually talking about, in order to reiterate to the president what he missed.

Many people have been chastising the president, and his choice to let his unknowledgeable daughter sit in on such an important discussion. Maxine Waters, a Democratic congresswoman, told MSNBC:

‘It does not make good sense. Here you have the president of the United States at the G20, representing us as the leader of the free world, and so he’s going to play politics and give his daughter a chance to have a place in the sun and to be seen at a very important meeting that she knows nothing about.’

That pretty much sums up what people globally have been thinking since witnessing that unusual moment.

You can watch Haley’s comments first hand below.

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