U.S. State Makes A Law Protecting Rapist’s Rights – Women’s Rights Stripped


Arkansas plans to force women to notify rapists, casual hook-ups, and even family members of the man and get his permission, if they want an abortion. The state’s House made it illegal for women to have that abortion unless they notified the man who impregnated them. The Twitter world was furious.

‘This Arkansas Bill Would Force Rape Survivors To Notify Their Attacker If They Need An Abortion.’

The state legislators linked the Tissue Disposal Mandate House Bill 1566 to the Final Disposition Rights Act of 2009 to come up with this evil concoction. The act refers to “deceased” family members, by linking the two, Arkansas holds that the woman and man have equal rights over “its disposal”, but it gets worse.

Girls under the age of 18 have no legal right to an abortion. Instead, their parents would make the decision, even in the case of incest. However, if the man was over 18, he has the final say.

Little Rock Family Planning Services is one of three abortion providers in Arkansas. Clinic Director Lori William  told Bustle:

‘What’s most detrimental about this is that they just tied it into an existing Arkansas law that talks about disposing of human remains of any person who is deceased. And that law gets very specific on who has the right to consent. Many of the patients do not wish to involve their partner in the decision to terminate a pregnancy.’

People across the country were outraged. Check out their tweets below:

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