Trump’s Ethics Chief Reveals The Reason He Resigned; He Was Threatened (VIDEO)


The ethics director that resigned last week just released a statement via ABC’s ‘This Week’ that he resigned, in part, because of the direct threat he received from Reince Priebus when it came to keeping his issues with Trump a secret.

The White House did not want any media circulation of the infighting that was happening, or that maybe the people in Trump’s cabinet did not fully support the off-the-wall actions of the newfound leader. The ethics director, however, wasn’t very pleased with Trump’s inaction surrounding the conflict of interest with his companies.

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Walter Shaub Jr. was asked:

“Did White House pressure have anything to do with your decision to resign?”

Shaub Jr. responded:

“I think the fairly explicit threat from Reince Priebus really is emblematic of how the interactions with the White House have been since the beginning of this administration.”

He continued;

“I really always thought the ethics rules were strong enough to protect the integrity of the government’s operations. My recent experiences have convinced me that they need strengthening. And frankly, they convinced me that that I achieved that all I could possibly achieve in this job.”

This is a very concerning matter for all people, foreign and domestic, because with a leader like Trump, there is literally no way of knowing what will happen next. He doesn’t abide by any rules, traditions, or standards past presidents have been held up to. He makes his own rules, and foolishly acts without thinking. Then, even after having much time to contemplate his actions, he doubles-down on them.

Trump has never apologized for the things he has said and done, and he brazenly threatens and disrespects other countries as if running a nation is equivalent to being a real estate mogul and failed reality television star.

Buckle up, America. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Check out the Sunday morning interview below via YouTube: