Joy Reid Just Tweeted About Trump Jr.’s Hillary Meeting & It Is Everything


Several mental health professionals have described Donald Trump as a narcissist. He has a propensity to talk about himself in ways that show he thinks he is better than others. He places a lot of weight on being liked/doing well and seems to have an inclination to think he is doing well when, by most accounts, he isn’t. These are all signs that Trump is a textbook narcissist.

Another subset of narcissism is the desire to always want to be in control and feel a sense of power. As evidenced by his pattern of usurping the authority of the staffers he has hired to represent him in front of the press, Donald Trump frequently shows that he gets a high from appearing to be important.

With all of the above in mind, it is quite difficult to believe that someone like Donald Trump could run a campaign, transition into office, and be in his current position and not have a pulse on everything that everyone around him is doing. However, that’s exactly what the Trump administration is saying by claiming that Trump knew nothing about a meeting with a Russian lawyer, two campaign staffers, and his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Supporting the assertion that Trump Sr. keeps everyone around him on a tight leash, Joy Reid tweeted a pair of posts confirming that nothing happened under his watch that he didn’t know about. Even more, Reid’s source claimed that nothing took place during the campaign or transition that Trump didn’t direct.

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Clearly having forgotten that his father has vehemently denied any contact with Russians, the very haughty Donald Trump Jr., tweeted an arrogant message on Monday morning:

Ironically, Reid’s source also says that Trump Jr. is “not that savvy,” which may be true because for months his father has claimed that neither he, nor anyone close to him, had contact with Russians. Therefore, Trump Jr.’s smug admission that he met with a Russian lawyer “to hear info about an opponent,” is not only a stark contradiction to what his father has claimed for so long, but probably the reason that Trump Jr. has become the latest member of Trump’s inner circle to lawyer up.

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