Major Republican Celebrity To Give Trump A Run For His Money in 2020


A new candidate for the Republican nomination is shaping up, and they’ve got enough star-power and charisma to send Donald Trump into political oblivion.

Dwayne (‘The Rock’) Johnson first made waves earlier this year when it was announced that he was planning on running for president. People were unsure at the time whether or not this was a serious proposition, but new information has just been released, and it seems that it indeed is.

A new political action committee has been started, pushing for Johnson’s nomination for president in 2020. A newly created Facebook page, with the following description, also signals that this is the real deal:

‘A grassroots movement to send The People’s Champion to the White House in 2020. #MakeAmericaRockAgain’

In the May issue of GQ magazine, America got its first inklings that ‘The Rock’ might try to take on Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. The interviewer stated:

‘Johnson doesn’t hesitate when I ask him whether he honestly might one day give up his life as the highest-paid movie star on earth to run for president. “I think that it’s a real possibility.”‘

She also describes qualities of Johnson that might make him a more tolerable candidate for the Oval Office than Donald Trump, calling him earnest, honest and extremely caring. ‘The Rock’ himself articulated that “the most important thing right now is strong honest leadership from our current and future leaders of this country.”

He also did a Saturday Night Live stint back in May exploring that same possibility. Following its airing, he tweeted in a way that sounds too presidential to ignore:

Finally, let’s also not forget that Dwayne Johnson refused to publically support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump this past presidential election, despite being allegedly propositioned by both parties. His unwillingness to be associated with Donald Trump has not relented. ‘The Rock’ posted the following message to his Instagram in February to ensure it was known he did not share views with Underarmour (UA)’s CEO on Trump just because he is a UA partner:

I appreciate and welcome the feedback from people who disagree (and agree) with Kevin Plank’s words on CNBC, but these are neither my words, nor my beliefs. His words were divisive and lacking in perspective. Inadvertently creating a situation where the personal political opinions of UA’s partners and its employees were overshadowed by the comments of its CEO. A good company is not solely defined by its CEO. A good company is not defined by the athlete or celebrity who partners with them. A good company is not a single person. A good company is a team, a group of brothers and sisters committed to working together each and every day to provide for their families and one another and the clients they serve. We don’t partner with a brand casually. I partner with brands I trust and with people who share my same values. That means a commitment to diversity, inclusion, community, open-mindedness and some serious hard work. But it doesn’t mean that I or my team will always agree with the opinion of everyone who works there, including its executives. Great leaders inspire and galvanize the masses during turbulent times, they don’t cause people to divide and disband. My responsibility here is not only to the global audience we serve, but also to the thousands of workers who pour blood, sweat, and tears into making Under Armour strong. A diverse group of hardworking men and women who possess integrity, respect and compassion for one another and the world they live in. Debate is healthy. But in a time of widespread disagreement, so is loyalty. I feel an obligation to stand with this diverse team, the American and global workers, who are the beating heart and soul of Under Armour and the reason I chose to partner with them. My commitment is as real as my sweat and callouses that thicken daily. #CommittedToThePeople

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The political action committee’s  website however,, is still very barren. It features a donation page and a “First Blog Post” which re-iterates their goal. It is important to note as well, that Dwayne Johnson has yet to endorse or publically acknowledge this political action committee, excluding this bizarre video posted on his Instagram on Wednesday:


We can only hope he makes up his mind soon, surely anyone would be better than seeing Donald Trump in Washington until 2024.

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