BREAKING: FBI Scrambles After Dramatic Explosion Rocks Air Force Building (DETAILS)


An Air Force recruitment office in Bixby, Oklahoma, has been hit by an explosion in what may be a case of domestic terrorism. Authorities in Bixby and Tulsa responded to the incident at around 10:30 PM local time, Monday night, and the FBI and ATF have since arrived on the scene.

Federal investigators are still trying to gather information on the explosion, according to ATF Public Information Officer Meredith Davis, and has not, as of yet, released any details on a suspected cause to the public. CNN notes that if the incident is deemed an act of domestic terrorism that it would fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI, which is currently headed by Interim Director Andrew McCabe.

No injuries have been reported in the incident, and no suspect has been named either. The doors to the office seem to have been either blasted open by the explosion or pried open in the aftermath, but there is no apparent word as to whether or not anything was stolen from the building. If something was stolen, that would, of course, possibly make the incident one of petty robbery rather than domestic terrorism.

Check out images of the scene post-explosion below:

Two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were targeted by a gunman in 2015 in an incident that ended up claiming the lives of four Marines.

Trump has not yet responded to this incident.

As this is a breaking story, check back for updates.