JUST IN: Fox News Forced To Issue Humiliating Morning Retraction, Credibility Destroyed


More and more information continues to come out about former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey, and news outlets are falling over themselves to get the inside scoop.

That said, President Donald Trump’s favorite news outlet was left with no choice but to issue a retraction of the information they reported Monday on the matter. The retraction was specifically regarding their claim that Comey’s memos contained top secret information. In their initial reports, Fox reporters wrongly claimed that while James Comey testified that the information within these memos was unclassified, “at least half” of the information within these memos was information under a top secret security bracket, leading to the interpretation that former Director Comey violated his own bureau’s rules.

As it turns out, there is absolutely no evidence that the “memorializations of [Comey’s] conversations” contained any top secret information.

However, the damage may already be done. Despite President Trump’s war on what he dubs the “fake news,” he tweeted the following message shortly after the initial story’s airing:

‘James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!’

He really is a little gossip mill, isn’t he? Unfortunately, if there’s one thing Americans can consistently expect of their president, it’s that he won’t acknowledge his errors, and is willing to have his team concoct ridiculously illogical stories to try to uphold what he’s said. Once President Donald Trump has chosen to believe something, regardless of evidence, that is what his administration will tout as truth.

A pitiful 26 seconds was spent by Fox host, Steve Doocy, on correcting this error and any form of apology was completely omitted. Doocy stated:

‘[Monday] on this program we aired and tweeted this story saying former FBI director James Comey leaked memos containing top secret information. We were mistaken in that according to the report half of the information in the report clarified secret or classified level not top secret. Documents in which Mr. Comey leaked are at this point unclear. Just wanted to straighten that out.

Talk about an awkwardly phrased, beat around the bush retraction. They also sent out the following tweet:

‘Correction: Comey’s memos did not have top secret info. The report says half were classified at secret or confidential level, not top secret’


The gravity of Fox’s error seems to be entirely lost on the network. Essentially, they wrongfully asserted that a former FBI Director committed a serious felony, and seemed to suggest they had evidence to validate that information. Imagine the tweets President Trump would be sending out crucifying the “fake news” networks if anyone other than Fox was forced to issue a similar retraction.

WATCH the video below initially issued by Fox and was the subject of this retraction:


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