‘Rogue POTUS Staffer’ Leaks Scene Of Total Chaos Inside White House Over Trump Jr


The notorious self-proclaimed ‘rogue’ staff member of President Trump, who has been giving Americans the exclusive on the inner workings of the White House, may have just proven the validity of their position, once and for all.
Skeptics have existed since the emergence of the account, @RoguePOTUSStaff, but it cannot be denied that they have provided fair insight into happening shortly before major news outlets were able to unearth the information. Now, in the wake of the release of a massive piece of evidence — proving that Trump Jr. and perhaps Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, are guilty of collusion with the Russian government — @RoguePOTUSStaff is offering up the icing on the cake.

Grab your popcorn for this, folks!
They identified that something big was going to happen, claiming the president called an emergency meeting, called Russia’s ‘flip’ on the meeting story — which America saw emerge in the form of the NBC interview, and that even before this really started to develop, they identified that there was talk about hiding Trump Jr out of the country to keep him from the Senate Intel Committee’s questioning.

@RoguePOTUSStaff began:

‘Adoption policy was a false pretense testing the campaign’s receptiveness to collusion.’

Frankly, this seems to make logical sense, even if it can’t be validated at the moment, because the decision by Putin to prevent Americans adopting Russian children was designed in response to the U.S./Russia sanctions.

Then, they post information specifically detailing who will be involved and that something major is developing. The very fact that there may have been plans to hide Trump Jr. out of the country to shield him seems almost unfathomable, but now that the evidence has been released, it seems significantly more plausible:

‘Options being explored to shield Don Jr from Mueller or intel committees, including hiding out of country.’

‘Something is going on. POTUS calling some kind of emergency meeting.’

Next, the supposed rogue staffer informs the world exactly at the moment President Donald Trump and his team devolve into crisis and chaos ensues:

‘Is Russia flipping? Natalia V says campaign approached her, begging for help. POTUS calls meeting of Russia crisis team.’

‘Putin fires a shot across the President’s bow.’

An excerpt from the associated link, which contains a more detailed perspective of the alleged POTUS staff-gone-rogue explains:

‘When the President feels like he’s been attacked he reacts with a certain violent gusto, rapidly scrambling into a frenzy while summoning his closest agents in a spectacle reminiscent of the Skeksis gathering for the Great Conjunction to receive immortality and everlasting power. That scene is playing out once again this morning, but with a healthy dose of desperation that has been frequently observed in his Presidency so far as he attempts to cope with being outside of his own element. More family business. The President is not taking Ms. Veselnitskaya’s story very well. ‘

‘Nerves are raw. Wondering who will be the first to snap at POTUS.’

They further identify potential reasons for the flip by Russia, detailing a likely double false pretense by Putin here.

Now there’s the juice. This is a line directly from the released emails, by Donald Trump Jr. at roughly 11:30 AM Tuesday, whereby he provided the concrete evidence that he participated in an attempt to collude with the Russian government to win his father the presidential election. @RoguePOTUSStaff has this right — it absolutely must be repeated “from here to eternity.”

‘POTUS complains they were betrayed. Emails look like they were intentionally designed to create later leverage. Goldstone = Kremlin agent?’

Goldstone certainly does a lot of travelling, that much is evident from his social media profiles. That said, this insight into a potential motive for Russia’s flip may help to make more sense of things.

Many have been calling for impeachment for a long time, and while there have been impeachable offenses, evidence of collusion by not just a campaign official for Trump — but his own son, his own namesake — that surely can’t be ignored.

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