Trump Jr Just Went Online, Got Crazy, Then Tweeted Incriminating Message On Russia Meddling


Donald Trump Jr. took a page out of his father’s political playbook and tried to turn the arrow of truth pointing at him toward Hillary Clinton. Apparently, the Trump family is still sore that she won the popular vote. After all, they cannot stop themselves from talking about her.

Jr. tweeted trying to blur his really big problem of a meeting with a highly placed Russian attorney. Even if his accusations were true, do two wrongs make a right? As much as the younger Trump wanted people to look backwards, they will continue to look at his ugly present. This is what he tweeted:

‘No outrage???’

No outrage???

Donald Trump Jr. included within his tweet a tweet by the editor of Daily Caller, Peter Hasson, to try to enforce his complaint against the Democratic National Committee:

‘Friendly reminder that DNC operatives actively worked with Ukrainian gov officials to dig up oppo research.’

Americans have not fallen for the president’s son’s attempt at sleight of hand. Take a look at these spot-on tweets:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Win McNamee.