JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Makes 2020 Announcement No One Saw Coming


During the 2016 presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders went from being almost a complete unknown outside of his home state of Vermont to practically becoming a household name. Although he ended up losing the primary election to former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, millions of Americans have continued to “feel the Bern” and have eagerly awaited an announcement from Sanders saying he will run again in 2020.

In an interview that aired Thursday morning on SiriusXM Progress’ Make It Plain with Mark Thompson, Sanders said that he has not yet ruled out a 2020 presidential run.

‘I am not taking it off the table. I just have not made any decisions.’

He’s not taking the option off the table, but fans of Sanders shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for an official announcement. After making the above statement, the Vermont Senator quickly added:

‘I think it’s much too early.’

He then went on to list all of the issues that currently concern him more than a 2020 campaign.

‘Our job right now is to not only fight against this disastrous health care proposal, it is to take on all of Trump’s reactionary proposals. He is a representative of the billionaire class; he’s at war against the working class. We’ve got to raise the minimum wage right now — working on that — to 15 bucks an hour, we have got to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, we’ve got to be aggressive on criminal justice reform. There’s a whole lot of fights that we have to fight, it’s too early to be talking about an election three and a half years from now.’

Rumors about a possible 2020 run for Sanders intensified earlier this week, when it was announced that he has plans to return to Iowa for the first time since his 2016 campaign. According to NBC, he will attend an event on Saturday at the annual convention sponsored by the liberal group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Sanders will talk about how residents of the state that helped him lay the groundwork for his first run can continue his “political revolution.”

Listen to a clip from Sanders’ interview below, via YouTube.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.