Trump Fires Off Pathetic Wednesday A.M. Freakout Like An Insecure Tyrant


In case any Americans had doubts about how twisted President Donald Trump truly is, this would put that uncertainty to rest.

The president took to Twitter this morning to personally re-iterate some of the propaganda that he filled his official statement with on Tuesday evening. He has vehemently denied any wrongdoing by any party related to him, including his son Donald Jr. despite the fact that the evidence of his attempted collusion with a Russian government operative couldn’t be clearer.

Trump Sr. wrote this morning in support of his son and offered his followers unsolicited advice on how to sniff out “fake news.” Whoever told either of the Donald Trumps that they were competent enough to give advice ought to re-evaluate their entire lives — although the same could be said to those people who thought he ought to be president.

The president wrote:

Then, if that wasn’t enough — he flipped gears and dove right into claims about ISIS and national security, because nothing says ‘I’m innocent’ like a huge show of ‘but look how good I’m doing,’ even if its bogus.

Finally, in typical Donald Trump fashion, he flipped gears back again, leaping on board in support of a Washington Times report claiming:

Clearly Trump Sr. learned absolutely nothing from touting information that solely suits his purposes, regardless of consensus. There is no arguing with the evidence which details his collusion in black and white ink, which Trump Jr. himself verified as credible by posting it himself.  Since there’s still no apology or retraction from the president regarding the misinformation he supported on Former FBI Director James Comey, don’t hold your breath for one on this misinformation either.

Americans went from being told by countless Trump team and family members, along with President Trump himself, that there were “NO TIES” and no communication with any Russians, to this —  there appears to be nothing that can be believed from the office of this president.

Feature Image via Getty Images.