Trump’s Lawyer Humiliates Himself After Matt Lauer Calls Him Out On LIVE T.V. (VIDEO)


The hosts of the “Today Show” are thankfully not letting President Donald Trump, Trump Jr. or any of the related parties get away unscathed after seeking to collude with the Russians for the purposes of winning the 2016 presidential election  — and that extends to President Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow.

Sekulow appeared on the program on Wednesday A.M. to discuss the email exchange released by Donald Jr. between him and Rob Goldstone, detailing attempts to obtain salicious information on his father’s political opposition, Hillary Clinton. Problematically, as Americans have seen in the aftermath, soliciting in-trust or monetary gifts from a foreign government is not only just not permissible and immoral and unpatriotic — it’s likely illegal.

President Trump has eagerly jumped to his son’s side and put out two messages of support for his actions, trying to focus on the actual release of the email rather than the content. The first message came in the form of an official statement read by Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, and the latter via Twitter in a Wednesday morning rant.

In this segment, Sekulow tries to claim that the president had no knowledge of the emails or the meeting up to a few days ago when he was informed by the White House legal team. If this is truly the story they’re sticking to, America is in for another media firestorm, because no one is buying that. There has been a tremendous amount of evidence to support that Donald Trump Sr. himself would be involved — not excluding his obsessive and controlling personality which would demand his involvement in every aspect of the campaign.

Thankfully, the hosts didn’t let Sekulow get away with it, as he is then asked to review and comment on a sequence of events and explain how it is both possible that Donald Sr. didn’t know, and the sequence of events is valid. Further, they highlighted that directly within the text of the email, Rob Goldstone identified that he “could also send this information to your father via [his personal assistant].” When the hosts grilled Sekulow whether or not anyone checked Rona’s emails to see if this was indeed sent to her and if the president then saw it, Sekulow clearly knows he’s been backed into a corner. He claims that he represents the President of the United States and she is an employee of the Trump Organization and just jumps back into being a puppet for the unsubstantiated message that “the president did not see the emails.” Americans are therefore left to assume that no, President Trump’s attorney is asserting this solely on the word of the president, rather than seeking out the truth.

Sekulow continues to assert that there is “no illegality” in trying to coordinate such a meeting and that oppositional research is a very normal part of a presidential campaign — though it’s clear that he, and everyone close to either President Donald Trump or Donald Trump Jr. right now is in deep to try to find a way to prove that.

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