Punk Rock Legend Unleashes Torturous Trump Takedown You Don’t Want To Miss


The multi-talented Henry Rollins has penned a brilliant article in LA Weekly, assessing the current state of affairs in the United States and describing the collective national attitude quite well.

In his article, published Thursday, he puts adapting to the Trump Administration in the same category as “getting used” to environmental volatility and “getting used” to the George W. Bush Administration.

Rollins’s tone is grim, and yet he is brutally on point, writing:

‘We’re far too high-functioning and mean to let a dying planet that’s screaming for mercy keep us from further mutilating it as we customize and innovate. No matter what, we adapt — but most important, we forget and then repeat.’

Indeed, he says that we are in the midst of a repeat of a state of affairs that the United States has experienced many times before in slightly different circumstances, including under the Bush Administration. Rollins says that under George W. Bush, he eventually got used to the progression of the man’s public “disintegration.”

He says that it was “like passing through stages of grief,” adding that “if you can somehow get there, you accept” the ridiculousness of what’s going on.

Rollins says that he soon became similarly “at ease” after Barack Obama rose to prominence and began to endure a barrage of ridiculous attacks, including the “birther” controversy peddled by the man who is now president. The former Black Flag frontman says that the attacks became almost humorous after awhile.

After all of this, we get to President Trump. Trump has shown himself spectacularly incompetent and out of touch time and time again, seeming to be unaware of key points necessary to the carrying out of his office. On top of this, you would be more likely to find a polar bear in Jamaica than to find someone somewhere in the current administration who is willing to publicly stand up to Trump’s incompetence.

Rollins described one of the main faces of the administration, Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as “a grim-faced, one-woman barroom brawl,” noting her defense of some of the president’s ridiculous rage tweets against the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, when she said:

‘When the president gets hit, he’s going to hit back harder.’

Rollins says that all of the various aspects of the Trump Administration put together make something that can only be described as a “dumpster fire.” This dumpster fire, Rollins adds, is something that we’ve all basically become accustomed to at this point.

He wrote:

‘The term “dumpster fire” keeps coming up when people mention the Trump administration. It fits. It’s a sad mess that’s roaring away right in front of you. That being said, that incredible ability of humans to acclimate and find the horizon comes into play… An administration with zero accountability. Took a while, but it registers as normal now.’

Rollins is certainly far from alone in his grim assessment of the Trump Administration. On top of the infamously low level of support from the artistic and musical segments of American society, Trump’s approval rating among the general public remains in a crater in the upper 30’s.

Featured Image via Kylie Else/ Newspix/ Getty Images