Trump Tweets Arrogantly Upon Returning To The U.S. & Twitter Goes Berserk


President Trump has returned to the United States from his latest brief stay overseas this Friday, and of course he marked the occasion with a tweet.

Trump was in France for just about two days as the special guest of French president Emmanuel Macron for his nation’s Bastille Day celebrations. Macron’s invitation of Trump to France was grounded out of the French president seeking to keep the Trump Administration “in the circle” in light of recent, highly divisive decisions on Trump’s part, including his choice to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

While in France, Trump participated in a joint press conference with Macron, ate dinner with him and others at a restaurant which is on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, and had what he calls “great conversations” with the French. The success of Macron’s efforts to keep Trump “in the circle” remains to be seen.

Upon landing back home in the United States, Trump summed up his trip by writing on Twitter:

‘Just landed from Paris, France. It was an incredible visit with President @EmmanuelMacron. A lot discussed and accomplished in two days!’

Besides what’s already been mentioned, Trump also attended Paris’ Bastille Day parade, “representing the United States,” as he put it on Twitter. It is the 100th Anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War II, something which was marked in various capacities during Trump’s visit.

Following his initial text post, Trump posted a video, in which audio of him speaking about Bastille Day is overlaid upon video footage of Paris Bastille Day celebrations.

In the video, Trump says:

‘Our two nations are forever joined together by the spirit of revolution and the fight for freedom.’

Watch it below.

In short, Trump’s trip to Paris was, by all appearances, just that, appearances. Macron shuttled the incompetent Trump around Paris while the American president tweeted about “great conversations” and commented on the French First Lady’s physique. In other words, it was exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Trump-ian trip overseas.

Macron has stated at one point that he and Trump discussed the Paris Climate Accord, fighting terrorism, and trade policy while the president was in Paris.

Check out what Twitter has to say about Trump’s crude summation of his trip overseas below. As one of the commenters notes, the president didn’t just land; these are just his first tweets since arriving back in the U.S.

Featured Image via Karol Serewis/Gallo Images Poland/Getty Images