Protesters Crash U.S. Women’s Open To Fight Trump & We Have The Images


After working himself to the bones at the G20 Summit recently and then a trip to Paris, France, President Donald Trump most likely felt the need to take a break when he decided to take three days off to watch the U.S. Women’s Open Championship. Funnily enough, that same golf tournament was being held on Trump’s Bedminster golf course. Also funny to note is the fact Trump promised his supporters during his campaign he wouldn’t be the type of president to ever take a break.

Regardless though, he faced protesters at his golf course, and his supporters were not happy about it. reported:

‘Four protesters with UltraViolet – a women’s advocacy group – wearing purple t-shirts that said “USGA: Dump Sexist Trump” stood outside the viewing area a few minutes later, staring in silence at the president.’

Trump responded by waving to his supporters and swinging an imaginary golf club.

Overall, the protests were peaceful. However, Trump supporters and spectators of the event weren’t happy that protesters had made an appearance. It was reported by a White House pool journalist that one individual yelled, “Look at what they look like!” Another individual snapped at reporters asking if they were “the Clinton News Network.”

In addition to the UltraViolet protesters, another group also protested the president’s presence at the golf championship. The group SOMA Action protested in the area wearing white t-shirts that spelled out “RESIST” on the front and said “THIS IS NOT NORMAL” on the back.

In addition to these protests, the UltraViolet group employed the use of a plane to fly a banner over the area on Friday that read, “USGA: STAND WITH WOMEN, NOT TRUMP.” Furthermore, they placed a digital billboard in the area that included quotes from journalists who criticized the USGA use of the Bedminster course on Saturday.

Trump’s only response to the protests could be seen early Sunday morning on Twitter when he tweeted:

‘Thank you to all of the supporters, who far out-numbered the protesters, yesterday at the Women’s U.S. Open. Very cool!’

Featured image by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images.