D.C. Restaurant Offers Up Delicious Diss On Trump – Would You Like Fries With That?


Ever since the news dropped that Donald Trump Jr. had met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016 in hopes of obtaining vital information on his father’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, the one word we’ve heard nonstop from conservative pundits and officials trying to sweep it under the rug is “nothingburger.”

If you need a definition of “nothingburger,” the Oxford Living Dictionaries defines it as an informal noun meaning:

‘Something that is or turns out to be insignificant or lacking in substance.’

As much as conservatives would like to forget this new development, which is simply another scandal in an ongoing saga of scandals, one Washington D.C. restaurant is having fun with the term “nothingburger” and using it for some Twitter fun and a great promotion to sell some burgers.

In their promotional tweet, they offered up this sweet deal:

‘FREE #NothingBurger (plain burger)[email protected] location from 11a-2p w/secret password”Nothing Burger”1/person good for beef/veg/turkey’

What a deal. Twitter users found it entertaining and responded with several witty tweets. Here are some of the best!

‘Shouldn’t a #nothingburger have everything on it?’

‘I’ll have a nothing burger with everything, please! LOL!!’

When someone called the promotion obnoxious, one Twitter user responded:

‘More free burgers for everyone else! They turned something stupid Trump said into a pun & are giving us free burgers and you’re complaining?’

‘Does it come with Russian dressing? With a side of treason tots?’

‘With your choice of a side of either Russian dressing or covfefe’

‘Ironically, their #NothingBurger will be filled with borscht.’

‘Its all fun and games til their boy gets indicted’

Featured image via Facebook.