Fox News Anchor Causes Dramatic Scene During W.H. Press Briefing, Storms Out


Fox News has been the only news station that Trump hasn’t trashed for some time now, but it’s quite possible that may change due to the actions of one Fox News anchor.

The White House has not had an on-camera briefing so far in the month of July, and Tuesday’s briefing was no exception. About 30 minutes into the briefing, John Roberts of Fox News, who was seated in the front row, stood up to leave. Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders teased Roberts, claiming that he must have been bored. He fired back, saying that perhaps he wouldn’t have been leaving if the briefing had been on-camera.

Roberts later tweeted that he had a scheduled on-camera appearance to make, but that he would have stayed at the briefing if it had been on camera, due to the fact that that would have been aired in place of his appearance on the network.

Most of those who work at Fox News have been allies of Trump since the start, so to see someone working for the network take a jab at the Trump administration’s off camera briefings is sure to be a big deal for the president, who as we know, gets worked up quite easily by the media.

Many users on Twitter commended Roberts for walking out, thanking him for doing what they believe more people in the press should be doing. Even those who are not fans of the network shared their respect with Roberts.

You can hear the audio recording of Sanders and Roberts interaction below.


Featured Image via Getty Images