The City Of Toronto Delivers Giant ‘Screw You’ To Donald Trump & Video Is Going Viral


In December 2015, the majority of Canadians said that they wanted to see Donald Trump’s name removed from buildings in their country. That wish was granted on Tuesday, at least for one of Canada’s two Trump Towers, when workers removed the president’s name from the Trump International Hotel and Tower in downtown Toronto.

President Trump never actually owned the 65-story building, but his organization ran the hotel and licensed his name to it, The Globe and Mail reports.

The building’s owner, JCF Capital ULC, made the announcement about Trump’s name being removed from the hotel in June.

According to Bloomberg, JCF reached a buyout deal last month in order to exit the contract with the Trump Organization’s hotel unit. JCF reportedly paid at least $6 million dollars to get out of the contract.

JCF purchased the hotel in October of last year from Talon International, a development company run by Russian-Canadian billionaire Alex Shnaider. At the time, the building bearing the name of the then-Republican nominee was not particularly appealing; Talon International had difficulty selling the hotel, and JCF was the only bidder.

Things have gotten even worse for the hotel since then, as it has become a site for protests against President Trump over the last few months. His company might not have had any ownership stake in the property, but the president’s name — and the fact that it has become practically synonymous with sexism, racism, and xenophobia — is still enough to invite outrage.

BuzzFeed revealed in its report that Marriott’s St. Regis hotel chain will be taking over the contract for the hotel in early August.

There is now only one Trump Tower left in Canada: the 63-story Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver, which just opened this year.

A video of the sign being removed from the Toronto building can be seen below, via Twitter.

Based on the comments on the above video, it seems safe to say that most people are happy to see the Trump sign go.

Featured Image via Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images.