20 Members Of Congress Give Ivanka Trump A Very Harsh Wednesday Wakeup Call


Although Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, filed joint financial disclosures upon their assumption of a position in Donald Trump’s White House, they did not file joint security clearance forms. Now, in addition to the scrutiny that her husband’s security clearance forms have attracted, twenty Congressional Democrats want authorities to investigate Ivanka Trump’s security clearance and investigate whether she falsified information on her security clearance form known as the SF-86.

The call for an investigation into Ivanka, which comes in the form of a letter to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe signed by twenty Democratic members of Congress, comes as the revelation of a secret 2016 meeting between her husband, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya shakes the Trump camp.

The meeting was arranged for the express purpose of allowing Veselnitskaya to hand off dirt from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton to the Trump camp. It is the most concrete evidence of collusion between the Trump team and Russia in the latter’s efforts to sway the 2016 U.S. elections to date.

The meeting came to light after Jared Kushner updated his own SF-86 to include it. He has added more than 100 contacts with foreign nationals to his SF-86 since first filing it, sparking calls for his security clearance to be revoked because of the deception inherent in his actions.

Now, Democratic members of Congress want to discover what Ivanka knew and when she knew it. SF-86 forms do not only ask for records of meetings between the filer and foreign nationals; they also ask for records of meetings between the filer’s immediate family members and foreign nationals.

Did Ivanka disclose her husband’s meeting with Veselnitskaya? What about any of his not initially reported other meetings?

The Democratic Congresspeople’s letter to McCabe reads:

‘Lack of candor, particularly regarding contacts with Russian officials, has been a significant issue for the Trump administration… We are concerned that Ivanka Trump may have engaged in… deception… Did she disclose her brother’s and husband’s meeting with Veselnitskaya? Did she accurately disclose her own foreign contacts in her initial filing, which reports suggest may be numerous?.. And, most importantly, did she discuss any of these meetings with the President, and, if so, when?’

Read the letter for yourself below.

The effort to try and prompt an investigation into Ivanka was led by Virginia U.S. Representative Donald Beyer.

Featured Image via Jabin Botsford/ The Washington Post via Getty Images