Fed Up Reporter Secretly Live-Streams Press Briefing Against W.H. Rules (VIDEO)


The White House press corps reporters are at their wit’s end with President Donald Trump, his administration and their restricting rules — so they’re breaking them.

Ksenija Pavlovic of Pavlovic Today, a fairly small media entity, broke one of the hallmark rules of press briefings at the White House since the June 29th: no recording. Following Donald Trump’s “war on the media,” the Trump White House enacted a slew of rules for the White House press corps. While Pavlovic isn’t the first to break these rules, she is certainly the first to break them after the ambiguity of them had been laid to rest.

Initially, mainstream media outlets such as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC aired audio and/or video footage from within the meetings, largely because the rules originally stated that coverage could only be shared “on delay.” That said, following backlash from the Trump administration, this footage halted altogether. It is unclear as of yet if other media outlets will follow Pavlovic’s lead, but it is certainly the hope. Utilising Periscope, Pavlovic captured actual audio from a recent press session, and shared it on her Twitter page. Sadly, having to resort to such extreme measures to capture the audio, the recordings do not have phenomenal sound quality, nor are they the type of recording one might normally expect to come out of such a briefing.

Pavlovic’s recordings generated very little attention, but do contain interesting information. In the recordings, Sarah Huckabee Sanders can be heard addressing some of the concerns surrounding President Trump’s actions at the G20 summit. It is not immediately clear from listening to the recordings whether or not the deputy Press Secretary attempted to placate concerns regarding Trump’s meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Ms. Huckabee Sanders can be heard introducing Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, who delivered a short and largely uneventful speech. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions following Short’s message.

Check out the recordings below, for yourselves:


Following Pavlovic’s postings, Americans responded in an extraordinarily positive way. Many took to Twitter to thank her directly for her steps to resist President Trump’s frankly oppressive press policies. They surely speak on behalf of all Americans when they applaud her bold move:


Fingers crossed that thanks to the encouragement of her followers, Pavlovic continues to take a stand!

Feature Image via Getty Images.