Ratings For Trump’s U.S. Women’s Open Are In – Historic Nosedive Leaves W.H. Silent


The Donald Trump brand has lost a lot of its value in recent days. That has been unfortunate news for a man who makes a fortune off of leasing out his name to all sorts of venues. The Women’s golf tournament has suffered badly as a result of the president’s plummeting popularity.

For the first time in decades, the U.S. Women’s Open had its lowest final round televised rating, according to Sports Media Watch. Only 790,000 people tuned into FOX last Sunday, which is down from 40 percent from last year.

The 0.6 final rating is the lowest since 1988, which is the lowest in recorded history. Last year, 1.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the women’s golf tournament. In 2015, 970,000 watched. This significant decline means that Trump will not likely ever reach the 1.0 mark.

When golf enthusiasts look at the last five LPGA majors, Trump’s U.S. Women’s Open only came in at third place. Two weeks early, the Women’s PGA Championship beat Trump’s ratings with an audience of 840,000.

The Women’s British Open came in with 858,000 viewers, and the Dinah Shore had 551,000 viewers. The Evian Championship had 644,000 viewers last year.

Trump’s golf tournament’s final round on Sunday had the fewest viewers since 1994.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Scott Hellman.