Newt Gingrich’s Secret Calls With Russia Now In Possession Of F.B.I. (DETAILS)


The not-so-funny thing about those close to Donald Trump, especially where the Russia investigation is concerned, is that they have pleasant things to say about those tasked with the responsibility of conducting the probe, until those individuals connect a money trail or other suspicious activity to a Trump surrogate. Such definitely seems to be the case with Newt Gingrich’s opinion about Robert Mueller.

When Special Counsel Mueller was appointed in May, Gingrich confidently endorsed Mueller and even told the media to “calm down.” Gingrich tweeted:

However, somewhere along the line, something happened that caused Gingrich to have an extreme change of heart. The special counsel that Gingrich once saw as “superb” and “impeccable for honesty and integrity,” became “brazen” and “arrogant,” all in a matter of weeks. Gingrich flip-flopped big time when he tweeted:

What in the world happened to make Gingrich change his mind in such drastic fashion? According to one Washington insider, Mueller’s investigation was getting a little too close to Gingrich, for Gingrich’s liking.
A Twitter user who identifies himself as Puesto Loco, is a self-proclaimed political insider whose information has been confirmed as true in the past. According to Pesto, Gingrich is allegedly in in hot water:

In general, people weren’t surprised about the prospect of Gingrich having engaged in wrongdoing, with that said, one savvy user asked about Pence’s involvement:

To which Pesto Loco replied:

Others were simply happy to learn that two-faced, trouble making Newt Gingrich may finally be getting what he deserves:

One person made it quite clear who he/she believes is to blame for the wayward direction of the current GOP:

Someone else reminded that it’s usually the person pointing the finger of blame most adamantly, who is most guilty:

One thing is certain, even if Pesto Loco’s information is incorrect, there is something fishy about Gingrich’s sudden hard shift of positions regarding Mueller. That “something” likely has to do with Gingrich’s own skeletons.

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