Trump Attempts To Break Unbreakable Glass – His Game Face Is Priceless (VIDEO)


The president is really grasping at straws to make his administration mean something, with him having just hit the six month mark of his presidency without having gotten a single major piece of legislation passed.

On Thursday, he hosted a “Made In America” event at the White House, where pharmaceutical executives from Merck, Pfizer, and Corning gathered to unveil their plans to kickstart a program to have pharmaceutical glass packaging made in the United States.

Although it was technically the executives’ idea, they really highlighted the president’s inability to grasp major public policy issues through having him test out the strength of the aforementioned glass that will now be made in the United States.

Revolutionizing glass used in medical settings is the closest we’ve come to something majorly substantive and good coming out of the Trump Administration. They’ve been reduced to declaring various weeks to be devoted to various topics in their efforts to eke out meaning.

Saying that “it’s better to show than to tell” at the White House on Thursday, Corning Inc. executive¬†Wendell Weeks had President Trump “do the honors” with him of seeing if the glass could be broken by simply pressing on it.

Weeks said:

‘One of the many features of [the new made in America] Valor Glass is its damage resistance. Now this helps protect patients and improve pharmaceutical manufacturing.’

At that, he had Trump use a lever driven machine to test out the respective strengths of conventional glass and the new Valor Glass. Trump applied around 40 kilograms (or 88 pounds) of pressure to the conventional glass before it broke. He applied, on the other hand, around 450 kilograms (or 1,000 pounds) of pressure to the Valor Glass, and it still didn’t break.

Only time will tell if this development means something substantive for Americans. One sure thing is that under Trump’s policies, tens of millions of Americans will not have access to this glass who would have access to it, and proper, efficient medical care, otherwise. The Congressional Budget Office’s “score” of TrumpCare makes the disaster that it will be for the American healthcare system abundantly clear.

And yet, Trump is still just touting extra strength glass, because of course he is.

Watch video of the whole thing below.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/Getty Images