Trump Caught On Camera Using Secret Hand Signals With Vladimir Putin (VIDEO)


Donald Trump simply cannot get enough of his good pal, Vladimir Putin, even when he’s seated across a table with many people between them, Trump will seek Putin out. Recently, during the G20 Summit in Germany, Trump likely should have steered clear of hanging with Putin too much, instead, he did anything he could to be near him, including leaving his seat next to the Chinese president to sit with Putin for an hour and engage in very “animated” conversation.

Trump seemingly forgot that he’s under federal investigation for his connections to Putin and Russia while he schmoozed the Russian leader for an extended period of time, despite not speaking the same language.

Now, video has surfaced of Trump chatting up Putin via hand signals from across that crowded table at the G20 Summit, and it looks pretty bad as Trump uses his usual attention-grabbing body language to chat up Putin. Check out the video below via Twitter:

It looks bad. Very bad. At first, it seems as if Trump is just conversing like the rest of the people at the table; but very soon, it becomes evident he’s aiming all that energy toward Putin. What he was saying with his hand motions is something only Donald Trump will know, but it looks as if he’s saying “hey buddy, you and me, let’s talk adoption.”