Trump Delivers Harsh Macron Diss To N.Y. Times After Phony Show Of Camaraderie


For a man who does not like other people touching him, Donald Trump appeared to enjoy his experiences with French President Emmanuel Macron. In an interview Wednesday that must have driven his attorneys crazy, the president gave the public a hair-raising look into his mind and revealed something interesting about his relationship with Macron.

The French president invited him to come to Paris’ Bastille Day’s pomp and circumstances, a move that stroked his over-sized ego. Trump told the New York Times that Macron “loves” holding hands with him:

‘He’s a great guy — smart, strong, loves holding my hand. People don’t realize, he loves holding my hand — that’s good!”

Their hand-holding had a rocky start off. The French president was well aware of Trump’s proclivity for macho handshakes. Therefore the first time the two men met, Macron grabbed Trump’s hand in a white-knuckled clasp that seemed to last an eternity. At the NATO meeting in May, Macron’s firm handshake lasted even longer.

In the New York Times interview Trump mused about visiting Macron, especially considering the U.S. president’s views on the Paris climate agreement:

‘I said, “Do you think it’s a good thing for me?’”

The French president wooed Trump by promising him that was no problem, according to 45. Instead, France’s top man encouraged him to come observe his country’s military. There were soldiers in traditional uniforms marching down the quaint cobblestone streets followed by tanks. Then, French warplanes buzzed the sky overhead.

The ego-stroking worked. Trump is big on military might, and he told the New York Times the two men have a “great relationship:”

‘I have a great relationship with him; he’s a great guy. It was one of the most beautiful parades I’ve ever seen, and in fact we should do one here down Pennsylvania Avenue.’

Even though Trump did not endorse the Paris climate agreement, he did come away with fond feelings toward the French leader. Nice job, Macron.

Check out this video of Trump in Paris:

Featured Image via CNN Politics Twitter Page.