Conway On Fox & Friends Rants About Trump Firing Mueller Like A Total Nut (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends this Friday to completely dismiss the significance of the ongoing investigation into her boss’s connections to Russia, while simultaneously seeking to apply the principles that underlie that investigation to Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s office itself. In so doing, she also gave credence to the idea that it’s legitimate to even entertain the thought that it would be legitimate for Trump to fire Mueller.

The segment featuring Conway led off with the Fox hosts —¬†¬†Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt — bringing up the apparent Democratic political leanings of various members of Mueller’s team — including Mueller himself.

To this, Conway said:

‘The president said as recently as this week that this is just a witch hunt; it’s all a hoax. Now they’re going in all types of different directions, but I think the information you just shared is relevant information for America to have. People should know what folks’ past and their political motivations are.’

Host Steve Doocy really pushed this point, saying:

‘When you do look at the legal team that Mr. Mueller has put together… One of them was a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation. And then you look at the fact that Mr. Mueller himself was interviewed for the FBI job… it sounds like what the White House is trying to do is you’re trying to put pressure on the team — maybe someone members of the team should recuse themselves.’

Conway did not dispute that the White House has been putting pressure on Mueller’s team, something which might as well be described as an obstruction of justice. In a classic Kellyanne move, she employed strange analogies for the Trump team’s approach to Mueller’s team, saying:

‘People should at least know it… Donald Trump went to Washington… to have more accountability and transparency in a system that thrives on the opposite… Let’s at least have a disinfectant. Let’s at least let the transparency and the accountability speak for itself… that is not an attack on the team, that is what’s fair is fair.’

Trump himself recently gave credence to the idea of firing Mueller, telling the New York Times that for Mueller to look into his personal finances would be crossing “a line.”

Watch Conway’s appearance on MSNBC below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.