Internet Mourns Loss Of Melissa McCarthy-Spicer — Hilarious Condolences Ensue


We all knew this day would come. We knew it was inevitable. We knew White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wouldn’t be able to handle the job behind the podium for long; however, it seems all too soon.

With news that he has turned in his resignation, the internet is collectively asking themselves and others:

‘What will Melissa McCarthy do?’

McCarthy was able to step into Spicey’s ill-fitting pants and impersonate the figure to a point it blurred the lines between late-night television and reality. So, what will she and Saturday Night Live do now? Twitter users responded to the news asking that same question while reminiscing about the good times.

‘Farewell to an americam Hero. #Spicey #SeanSpicer’

‘So long Spicey. Enjoy your permanent recession to the bushes! I think I’ll miss Melissa McCarthy most #Spicey’

‘@nbcsnl @melissamccarthy Can we PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE #Spicey one last time??’

‘Does this mean @melissamccarthy is out of a job?’

‘Melissa is versatile, she will find another staff member (there r so many to choose from). Run Sean Run!’

‘But we have the memories’


‘Sean Spicer’s secret replacement?’

‘Sad day for #SNL’

‘@realDonaldTrump only destroys jobs. Now what will Melissa McCarthy do for work?’

‘Sean Spicer seen leaving The White House after resignation’

‘I’m very saddened and disappointed that @melissamccarthy will no longer serve on @nbcsnl. Thank you @PressSec for your contributions.’

‘The real travesty is that this means goodbye to #FAKE Sean Spicer (@MelissaMcCarthy)

‘Bye Bye #Spicey Will really miss @melissamccarthy on @SNL’

Featured Image via Twitter.