N.Y.T. Reporter Reveals Why Trump Just Lost Key Members Of His Legal Team


There have been major developments in the Russia scandal this week, with two key players on the president’s legal team departing it. Marc Kasowitz, the one who infamously fired off expletive laden emails to a complete stranger recently, and Mark Corallo, the legal team’s spokesperson, are both out.

Chief White House Correspondent for the New York Times Peter Baker appeared on MSNBC this Friday morning to discuss the “blowup” of the president’s legal team, and he says that he knows why it happened.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked him, in the context of the president’s latest round of disparaging remarks against the office of Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller:

‘Do you think [Trump] has any awareness of who [Mueller] is? That he’s a military hero? That he, after 9/11, helped solve the problem of the CIA and the FBI not talking to each other?… That he’s respected and revered on both sides of the aisle? Do you sense that… anyone around him is trying to pump the brakes on the character assassination of Bob Mueller?’

Baker replied that “people around him definitely are” trying to put a stop to the endless volley of White House attacks on Mueller’s investigation., saying:

‘This is in fact connected to… the sort of “blowup” of the legal team. Some of the lawyers have told him, don’t go after Robert Mueller. First of all, this guy is a good guy; he’s a smart guy. He’s a person of integrity. Second of all, whether he is or not, he has that reputation… Some of the lawyers have told him, in effect, look, if you didn’t do anything wrong… then you should want Robert Mueller as your special counsel… because if that’s his conclusion, it will have great credibility… so don’t tear him down.’

He added that Corallo himself used to work with Mueller in the Justice Department and is one of those who was admonishing the president against firing off against Mueller.

Trump would do well to think well through any steps he could take against Mueller because the last time he tried to throw a stick in the investigation into his team’s possible collusion with Russia — when he fired FBI Director James Comey — he got slapped with obstruction of justice allegations.

Watch Baker’s appearance on MSNBC below.


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