Trump Childishly Parades His Massive Ego In Highly Delusional Friday Tweetstorm


Why is it that American journalists are still kissing Trump’s arse? The president re-tweeted a video this morning from Fox Business where the host credited Trump with generating a four trillion dollar increase in the economy. Interestingly, there was no note made about the trajectory of the economy or these markets prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20th — because Fox loves to share only the information that suits them. It is exactly this kind of thinking that led them to have to issue that embarrassing retraction earlier this month.

But, of course, that won’t stop Donald Trump from repeating everything that comes out of Fox, especially something this positive:

‘Six months in – it is the hope of GROWTH that is making America FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS RICHER.” – Stuart @VarneyCo’

But wait — it gets better. The president of the United States also felt compelled to share this little GIF, which really begs the question — does he know what a GIF is for? What exactly is the purpose of this? Furthermore, we pity the people from the archiving department that have to find a way to input this into the American history records sitting back going, ‘Really Trump?’


Earlier on Friday, Trump also shared this corny promotional video of himself, and what appears to be an event at the White House highlighting companies who manufacture entirely within our borders. Hilariously, President Trump neglects to mention that neither he, nor his sons, nor his daughter Ivanka could participate truly in the event as businesspeople, as they manufacture abroad.

‘ICYMI – This week we hosted a #MadeInAmerica event, right here at the @WhiteHouse! If it is MADE IN AMERICA, it is the BEST!’

The Washington Post compiled a nice list of all of the products by Trump that are and are not made in America, and the comparison is quite shocking. Despite trying to take credit for the preventing of offshoring jobs and improving the manufacturing sector, Trump has made no moves to bring his own manufacturing back to U.S. soil. Their findings demonstrated that only part of three products by the president are manufactured in America – proving he truly is the nation’s most incompetent hypocrite.

Feature Image via Getty Images.