Jeb Bush Comes Roaring Back To Haunt Trump With Instantly Viral Political Announcement


During the Republican primary elections, Donald Trump repeatedly insulted Jeb Bush, calling him “low energy” and an “embarrassment to his family.” On Saturday, Bush pulled out all the stops, criticizing Trump and the members of the Republican Party who have stuck by him.

When Bush addressed the audience at the OZY Fest in New York, he didn’t mince words when it came to sharing his opinion on Trump’s style of governance.

Bush first said that Trump needs to actually focus on governing and give up the petty comments he’s constantly making on Twitter:

‘You get disciplined when your team says, “No, Mr. President, let’s stay focused on these policy objectives.” Don’t disparage people, don’t go after Mueller, don’t say you’re going to pardon yourself or whatever. Don’t do all that. Govern.’

Bush also said that Trump is doing a poor job at representing the United States.

‘The president is the prime minister and the king. He or she, eventually, will be the symbol of the country, and also the prime minister responsible for making government work. And right now, our president doesn’t view that job as important. Look at history. History is important. When presidents inspire us, we do better. And that’s what we need to get back to.’

The former Florida governor then went on to criticize Trump’s Twitter usage again. He also said that it is too early to make predictions for the 2020 election.

‘He unleashed five tweets today about stuff that jeopardizes his legal situation, insults somebody, goes back to the 2016 election, none of which is relevant to getting tax relief done, regulatory reform done. This is going to be a long ride between 2018 in January, much less 2020.’

Bush later drew applause from the crowd when he pointed out the hypocrisy that many Republicans have demonstrated since Trump took office. He said that Republicans need to be willing to be as critical of Trump as they were of President Obama.

‘If Barack Obama did something as it related to Russia and you say, “This is outrageous,” then when your guy does the same thing, have the same passion to be critical.’

He went on to suggest that some Republicans are hesitant to speak out against Trump for fear of getting on the wrong side of special interest groups.

‘Does everything have to be a political calculus? “Oh my god if I say something, there will be an opponent, and there will be a third-party interest group come and give money to my opponent. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” This is not what public services should be about.’

Watch a clip from Bush’s remarks in the video below, available via Twitter.

Featured image via Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Ozy Fusion Fest 2017.