JUST IN: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Devastates Trump With Saturday Bombshell


Donald Trump looks as if he is hot to send Special Counsel Robert Mueller a “You’re Fired” note. Pundits speculate the reason is that he wants to keep Mueller’s investigation out of his tax returns. Yet, there could be a more complex reason, one related to Russian oligarch and bank investor Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Mueller’s mandate from the Department of Justice (DOJ) read in part, according to Bloomberg News:

‘Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign (and) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.’

Trump managed to pull off a spectacular but suspicious real estate transaction with the Russian oligarch in 2004. Before he was president, he picked up a Palm Beach, Florida seaside estate at a bankruptcy auction for a cool $41 million. Sadly, the real-estate bubble had burst by 2008, but Rybolovlev bought Trump’s estate for over double the price of the original purchase. Then, he tore it down.

Donald Trump spoke to reporters at a press briefing in Doral, Florida last summer, according to the Miami Herald:

‘What do I have to do with Russia? You know the closest I came to Russia, I bought a house a number of years ago in Palm Beach … for $40 million, and I sold it to a Russian for $100 million.’

Rybolovlev divided the 6.3 acre compound into three lots, and at least one of them has sold. One of the island real-estate agents Gary Pohrer told the Miami Herald:

‘It’s an odd story, but Palm Beach real estate can be kind of strange. People decide they want something, and they’ll pay a price that doesn’t necessarily correspond to reality.’

The New York billionaire put it on the market for $125 million. The Palm Beach real-estate agent who sold the mansion for Trump, Carol Digges, told the Miami Herald:

‘He bought it strictly as an investment to flip. He never intended to live there.’

Gossip columnist Jose Lambiet went into the home. According to the Miami Herald, he said:

‘I thought, he’s never gonna sell this. And he didn’t, the house stayed on the market for a couple of years. And then the Russian came along.’

Dmitry Rybolovlev was a cardiologist-before he became a potash magnate and obtained his Fertilizer King nickname. His estimated worth is $10 billion, and he rarely if ever talks to reporters. Trump had already dropped the price to $100 million after two years on the market, but the oligarch offered Trump $75 million. Rybolovlev visited the place once and paid $95 million for the estate.

The Herald reported that Digges said:

‘When you’re sitting in that price range, there’s not 50 people in line waiting. People with that kind of money are not readily available.’

Lambiet told the Herald:

‘I thought the Russian was crazy to buy the place at that price, but now it looks like he’ll at least break even.’

Pohrer said that would not be the case after $1.4 million a year in taxes and upkeep:

‘Overall, he’s going to wind up losing a pretty penny on this, maybe around $20 million.’

A holding company owns the property now.

The man in the Oval Office has said that he never met Rybolovlev. Yet, Chief economics correspondent for the McClatchy D.C. Bureau, Kevin Hall, checked Rybolovlev’s flight records against those of Trump’s campaign plane. He found the two planes located at the same U.S. airport at the same time. According to Bill Moyers on Moyers & Company, James wrote:

‘It made numerous flights all over the US from August 2016 through November 2016, the peak season for the US 2016 presidential campaign — of course right at the moment when Moscow was supposedly trying to jack the election on Trump’s behalf.’

No eyewitnesses came forward to place Rybolovlev and Donald Trump together, but James believes the coincidence deserves further investigation.

Featured Image via Richest Russian’s Twitter Page.