Trump Stuns D.C. & Makes Criminal Complaint Announcement Against James Comey


If you work for Donald Trump and disagree with or pushback against him in any way, you will be terminated, forced to quit before you’re fired, or become the subject of one of his classic witch hunts. That’s the way it looks for Jeff Sessions, as he becomes the latest Trump staffer to be publicly targeted by the so-called commander in chief.

Just months ago, despite public outcry that Sessions not be appointed Attorney General, he was the apple of Trump’s and Trump’s flunkie’s, Newt Gingrich’s eyes. In fact, Trump recently admitted that he picked Sessions in part because of the Russia investigation — an admission that sounded a lot like Trump was saying that he felt Sessions would conduct the probe per Trump’s marching orders, not in accordance with the law.

However, showing that he may have a little bit of ethics, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Now the world knows that Sessions’ decision to do so has Trump fit to be tied and heads are reportedly rolling on Capitol Hill. As if his New York Times interview wasn’t bad/childish enough, in his usual display of petulance, Trump took to Twitter early Saturday morning to further rant about Sessions.

This time, according to Trump, Sessions is no better than James Comey; Sessions is a leaker. Trump tweeted:

Unfortunately, what Trump once again refuses to realize is that he is digging himself into a deeper mess by once more spitting in the face of someone who has been a loyal ally, simply because that person didn’t act as Trump’s puppet. Moreover, by creating an adversarial relationship with someone who is said to have his own ties to Russia, but who also has intel on the Russia investigation, pre-Mueller, Trump is setting the stage for Sessions to turn State’s witness and blow the whistle so hard on Trump, that his comb-over won’t know what hit it.

Furthermore, turning on Sessions smells a lot like the same kind of obstruction of justice that already has Trump in trouble. That’s exactly what one Twitter user pointed out:

Someone else posted a highly feasible theory as to why Trump is making Sessions out to be a bad guy:

Others are just sick of Trump and used responding to his tweet as an opportunity to display their disgust:

It’s true, the general consensus is that people feel that if there weren’t leaks, then they’d never get any semblance of the truth where the Trump administration is concerned. To that end, for Sessions to appear to have joined the ranks of Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey, Sean Spicer, and those whose names aren’t well-known enough for their stories to be told, says a lot about Trump’s guilt in the Russia investigation.

Simply put, innocent people don’t go around terminating and ostracizing staff members simply because they behave ethically or stand-up for what they believe in.

Featured Image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Staff