Trump Woke Up At 3:33AM & Began An Impeachable Nine Tweet Explosion Of Insanity


After a week of nearly non-stop breaking news, none of it flattering or positive for the Trump family, the new president decided to air all his grievances on Twitter. He has a whole lot of grievances to tweet.

Yet in the middle of all of these bitter complaints about how unfair life is to the very rich Trump family and especially Donald Trump himself, he threw in a casual note about his daily agenda.

The man is truly unhinged.

The 2016 presidential campaign is over. The endless “what about Hillary Clinton” deflections no longer applies to anything nor excuses Trump or his associates’ actions, although Trump’s supporters seem to love them. Much of Trump’s chosen scandals against Clinton have already been debunked as non-scandals, such as the uranium deal, yet he clings to those like a lifeboat as his administration sinks around him in the wake of the Russian collusion scandal.

Former FBI Director James Comey, by the way, has committed no crimes, he simply disagreed with and exposed the president.

With the revelations about Sessions’ lies regarding his contacts with Russian operatives during the campaign, Trump Jr.’s lies about his Russian contacts, and the news that Trump is exploring his pardoning powers out of what appears to be preemptive action for what Trump knows is coming, the collusion story that Trump has called “fake news” for so long has the walls closing in on him.

Twitter responded to the massive number of tweets throughout the morning.

Featured image via Getty/Pool