MUST SEE: ‘Hellboy’ Actor Impersonates Trump On LIVE TV & It’s Perfect (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is pompous, haughty, superficial, and an elitist. The aforementioned traits are subsets of the “malignant narcissism” that mental health professionals have long determined to be one of the few mental health diagnosis that Donald Trump has. Because of how much Trump thinks of himself, he can often be heard bragging about how he “went to an Ivy League school,” is “very highly educated, and knows words, the best words.”

If Trump’s impression of himself were kept in perspective, it would be called high self-esteem. Unfortunately, Trump’s thoughts of himself aren’t healthy. In fact, the manner in which he constantly reminds anyone who will listen that he comes from privilege and all that it entails, is proof that Trump is actually extremely insecure, has a low self-worth, and seeks validation via making himself seem bigger than others.

A pompous, superficial, insecure person with low self-esteem. That’s the paradox of Donald J. Trump.

Because of how he sits high, looks low, but speaks and often acts like an absolute moron, Trump has been the source of fodder for many years. Dating back to when Sesame Street featured greedy “real estate tycoon Donald Grump” and his “Grump Tower,” Trump’s poor voice, diction, word choice, and body language have given TV writers plenty of material over the years.

Donald Trump’s lack of oratorical skills was one of many topics on Sunday’s, AM Joy on MSNBC. Host Joy Reid featured Son’s of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman — Perlman didn’t disappoint! After Reid frankly shared that Trump’s transcribed words are “very difficult to understand in print,” she and Perlman had an exchange with Perlman, playing the role of Donald Trump, that left Reid doubled over in laughter.

Reid asked Perlman if he were to play Trump, would the character be an “elite man or an every [everyday] man.” Doing his best Trump, Perlman replied:

‘Okay, so I don’t know if you know this, I had this trip to France; I was just there with the head guy. What’s his name?’

Reid answers, “Emmanuel Macron,” but instead of acknowledging that Reid had just given him correct information, Perlman does as Trump would and goes off into left field with babble that made no sense. While waving his hands frantically, Perlman rambles:

‘Alphonso Macron. He narrowly beat, narrowly beat Le Pen. I think she won, I think she won, I think she won, but look. . .I don’t. . .I don’t. . .it’s, who knows? Anyway, Macron, great guy. Never knew he was a great guy; he’s French.’

Then showing how chauvinistic Trump is, Perlman reminded the audience that Trump often feels the need to comment on how the female spouses of politicians, look:

‘Very hot wife, very hot wife. We’re talking, and you know, all my properties I have this dessert, it’s called the éclair, it’s called the éclair. It’s phenomenal, it has everything. . .’

Perlman’s breakdown of Trump’s speech pattern was spot on; it had everything to include Trump’s use of run-on sentences, the disconnected thoughts, poor attempts to be culturally in-the-know, the incorrect historical references, etc. He was hilarious! However, as Joy Reid pointed out, Trump’s appeal and ability to be “enticing” despite his poor verbal communication skills, are a sad reminder of just how low short some Americans are willing to sell themselves.

Watch Sons of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman break down Donald Trump’s ridiculous speech patterns, as well as do his extremely accurate impersonation of Trump, below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.