Trump Goes On Rage-Filled Sunday Night Twitter Rampage Like An Impotent Ruler


President Trump just went on another wild Sunday night twitter rampage, tearing into House Republicans and mainstream media.

Donald Trump was clearly in a snit when he insulted the New York Times and the Washington Post before issuing a warning to House Republicans.

This totally contradicts the fact that the president insisted we should “stay tuned” and that’s he’s always planned to let Obamacare fail on it’s own, despite the fact that he’s tried to repeal and replace it with two ridiculously awful healthcare plans. People pay attention to what President Trump says, whether he likes it or not. Despite the fact that he regularly walks back things he says on video or in tweets, he’s the leader of the free world and should expect to get called out for his insane ramblings.

Here are some reactions to to Trump’s dire Twitter warning:

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