BREAKING: U.S. Rep. Just Took A Major Step To Block Trump’s Pardoning Abilities


The clamor against President Trump’s belligerence from concerned members of Congress continues to rumble, although Democratic leadership continue to push back against the idea of mounting a large scale effort to impeach the president.

Even still, many members of Congress continue to make their opposition to the president known, including, famously, Democratic Rep. Al Green from Texas. Green has already officially filed Articles of Impeachment against the president, even though Trump almost surely won’t get impeached with Republicans in control of the Congress, as they currently are.

Now, Rep. Green has announced his plan to introduce a bill that would legally bar presidents from pardoning themselves. There have been reports circulating recently that assert that Trump, in a bid to undercut Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, is seeking information on his power to pardon. Those reports were buttressed by a Saturday Twitter post from the president asserting that he has “the complete power to pardon.”

Rep. Green isn’t interested in letting that happen.

In a statement that he read off to reporters at a Monday press conference, he said:

‘At the heart of American jurisprudence is the fundamental premise that ‘no one is above the law.’ This includes the president of the United States… To allow presidential self-pardons would allow a president guilty of the federal crime of treason against the United States of America to forgive/pardon himself. To allow such would not only place the president above the law, it would make the president his own final judge, jury, and prosecutor.’

Green went on in his Monday press conference to lay out why “no president” should have the power to grant unilateral pardons. As he explained, for Trump to have the unilateral power to pardon would make him have near complete, personal control of government.

Green said that his legislation is intended to address any future problems as much as it is meant to address the question of whether or not Trump can pardon himself in the Russia scandal, a possibility that presidential advisers insist the president is not exploring “in the context of, ‘I can’t wait to pardon myself.'”

Check out Rep. Green’s Monday press conference below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.