The Real Reason W.H. Press Briefings Were Off-Camera Finally Revealed (DETAILS)


Recently the White House decided to stop televising daily press briefings. The White House’s decision to ban cameras has been seen as ludicrous by the American people, and the press, and has even been deemed an assault on the free press.

No one was ever really crystal clear on the reasoning behind the ban on cameras during the briefings, until now. While the entire decision in itself was nonsensical, the reason behind the ban is quite humorous.

Glen Thrush, New York Times White House correspondent, revealed during the Times podcast “The Daily” on Monday, that the person who ordered for the cameras to remain shut off was none other than former press secretary Sean Spicer. Apparently, Spicer did not want his boss, the president, to see how badly he was doing as press secretary, and get upset with him.

In the podcast Thrush said:

‘A lot of us assume, and I think the punditocracy assumed, this was an assault on broadcast journalism. In fact most of it was Spicer not wanting to be on camera so Donald Trump would not yell at him.’

Apparently, the man in charge thought that Spicer was not tough enough to be the press secretary, and noted multiple times how many mistakes Spicer made during his time on the job, including comparing Hitler to Assad in a favorable manner. According to Thrush, even Donald Trump thought the Hilter-Assad comparison was going too far.

The host of the podcast asked Thrush to clarify what he meant, asking the question, “Spicer didn’t want the president of the United States, his boss, to see him conducting being press secretary?”

Thrush responded that that was exactly right, saying,“The principled prime mover of that decision amounted to Sean Spicer not wanting his boss watching him work. That is a fact.”

Sean Spicer has since called it quits as the press secretary after President Trump named a new White House communications director, who apparently Spicer had opposed strongly to hiring. Anthony Scaramucci, the brand new communications director, announced that the principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be taking over Spicer’s job a press secretary.

So to summarize, Sean Spicer undermined the importance of a transparent government, while assaulting the freedom of the press, purely because he wanted to hide from his boss how terrible he was at doing his job.

Below are some of Sean Spicer’s most memorable, in his six months as press secretary.


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