BREAKING: Congress Stuns America & Votes To Limit Trump Presidential Powers (DETAILS)


A Republican controlled congress just ruined Trump’s Tuesday with an overwhelming majority voting to strip his Presidential powers and prevent him from lifting sanctions on Russia. The bill passed 419-3 with all three no votes being from Republicans despite heavy pressure from the administration to weaken or dismantle the bill all together.

Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has become so far reaching that it appears to be closing in on Donald Trump’s family’s finances. This doesn’t sit well with Trump and has led to rumors about him being ready to move forward with pardoning himself and those closest to him.

Rachel Maddow also introduced another possible scenario that looks like Trump waiting until Senate goes on vacation, firing Jeff Sessions, then hiring someone who hasn’t recused him/herself. That would mean that Mueller’s probe would be void and the incoming attorney general could bypass the traditional confirmation process.

Needless to say, it is a scary time in the United States. The key legislative and executive principles upon which the country was founded, are being challenged by the very person who is supposed to maintain their integrity. As all of the above unfolds, the world has been awaiting the Senate’s next steps regarding the Russia sanctions bill, and on Tuesday, it passed in grand fashion.

While seeing lawmakers work together well enough to pass the bill is definitely something to be celebrated, it also creates yet another cliffhanger moment. Will Trump veto or not?

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and others within the Trump administration have pushed back on the bill. Naturally, they don’t care much for the manner in which it limits Trump’s ability to waive the sanctions. There has also been a lot of dissension from the Trump administration about the portion of the legislation that requires Congress to sign off on the waiving of sanctions for any reason.

Depite the obvious reasons that the Trump administration could possibly veto the bill, Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, didn’t announce Trump’s intentions regarding the legislation, when she spoke on Monday. She merely remarked that Trump:

‘. . .has been very vocal about his support for continuing sanctions on those three countries.’

She went on to state:

‘He has no intention of getting rid of them, but he wants to make sure we get the best deal for the American people possible. Congress does not have the best record on that. He’s going to study that legislation and see what the final product looks like.’

While the process for a bill becoming a law is unchanging, it typically isn’t as contentious as this process has the propensity to be. The almost unanimous vote means that even if Trump does veto, the House could override it.

The hustle and bustle that took place as the final vote tally was read, is captured in the video below:

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