BREAKING: Secret Audio Of U.S. Senators Plotting Against Trump Leaked To HuffPost; Buckle Up


A Huffington Post reporter has obtained and leaked audio of Sens. Jack Reed and Susan Collins having a candid off camera discussion about President Trump this Tuesday morning, and their assessment of him is brutal.

They were discussing the Trump Administration’s general incompetence when it comes to issues of basic national financial policy.

Democratic Senator Jack Reed commented to Collins:

‘I think he’s crazy. I don’t say that lightly and as a kind of a goofy guy. If we don’t get a budget deal, we’re going to be paralyzed… and he hasn’t said one word.’

Collins replied by saying of Trump:

‘I don’t even think he knows that there is a BCA or anything.’

The BCA is a 2011 law that governs the creation of the yearly national budget.

Sen. Reed continued, still speaking of Trump:

‘He was down at the Ford commissioning, saying, ‘I want them to pass my budget.’ Okay, so we give him $54 billion and then we take it away across the board which would cause chaos. You’ve got [Budget Director Mick] Mulvaney saying we’re going to put in all sorts of stuff like a border wall. Then you’ve got [Treasury Secretary Steven] Mnuchin saying it’s got to be clean. We’re going to be back in September, and, you know, you’re going to have crazy people in the House.’

Check out the audio for yourself below.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images