JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Accused Of Petty Theft By Neighbor: report (DETAILS)


As a frequent guest on Fox News Channel and Fox Business, conservative radio host Chris Plante has made some pretty ridiculous comments. However, he may have told his strangest story yet during Monday’s episode of his radio show, The Chris Plante Show.

It all started with Plante talking about a 2020 presidential run for Senator Bernie Sanders. His remarks about the next presidential election then quickly devolved into an odd story about Sanders allegedly stealing from his next-door neighbor.

Sanders’ neighbor in Washington, D.C., who is apparently a friend of Plante’s, shared this story with the radio host.

After making a joke about Sanders and his wife, Jane, being “like wannabe Trumps” for having a home in Washington as well as Vermont, Plante told his listeners:

‘The next-door neighbor, their neighbor on Capitol Hill, called the Washington Post and told the Washington Post that they were canceling their Washington Post subscription because their very expensive Sunday Post stopped showing up. Not there this week, last week, the week before, then it was there one week, but the week before it wasn’t delivered, so I’m canceling my subscription to the Post because your delivery person never gets to me. I’m paying for it but it never gets to me.’

After Plante’s friend complained, the folks at the Washington Post said that they would “investigate with the delivery person” to find out what was happening to his Sunday paper.

After investigating, the Washington Post reportedly told the friend that he was lying about not receiving his paper because the delivery person had seen someone come out of the house and grab the paper.

‘So the Post investigated. They got back to the person canceling their subscription to the Post and they said, “Listen, we talked to the delivery person. Our delivery person claims he’s seen you come out of your house again and again and grab the paper on Sunday mornings. Immediately as the paper delivery person delivers the paper, they’ve seen you come out of your house and pick up the newspaper. So, sir, you are lying to us.”‘

The delivery person had also described the neighbor as “an older man with gray hair, balding, and little round glasses.”

That description, however, does not match the appearance of Plante’s friend, who described himself as being in his 50s with “a full head of dark hair.”

‘And the guy said, “I’m like, you know, in my 50s and I’ve got a full head of dark hair. But, my neighbor is Bernie Sanders.”‘

Plante then ended his story, which has yet to proven true, by joking that Sanders is “redistributing his neighbor’s Washington Post.”

Listen to Plante’s story about Sanders below, via audioBoom. The story about Sanders starts around 1:10:00.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images.