Trump Caught On Video Bullying Young Man At Tuesday Night Rally – ‘Go Home To Mommy!’ (VIDEO)


People are different — their thoughts, backgrounds, morals, ethics, values, beliefs, etc., represent a broad spectrum of ideas and principles. That’s what makes any society unique and valuable. Therefore, anyone who decides to enter life as an elected official, must not only be able to respect the broad spectrum of people he/she represents, but tactfully handle situations whereby his/her opinion isn’t in line with others.

For a number of reasons, many of them having to do with nothing more than the color of his skin, President Obama couldn’t open his mouth without people jumping at the opportunity to condemn whatever it was he was saying. It was almost as if some people awoke each day with the paramount objective of finding fault in the former president. Despite always having the odds stacked against him, and often being openly heckled, disrespected, and degraded, President Obama never reduced himself to calling people out of their names or otherwise insulting them.

From what the world has seen thus far, on his best day, Donald Trump will never be more presidential than Barack Obama. However, let Trump tell it:

‘Hey look, great schools, smart guy — it’s so easy to act presidential. With the exception of the late great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that [has] ever held this office.’

There are a plethora of problems with Trump’s statement. For starters, the remark was made at a campaign-style rally in Youngstown, OH on the same day the House passed extremely restrictive sanctions against Russia, that deeply limit Trump’s ability to be omnipotent per what seems to be his definition of “presidential.”

The mere fact that Trump is having rallies when to date, his administration has done absolutely nothing of significance, is the epitome of unpresidential. That’s not all, though. As part of this same rally at which Trump boosted about the “great schools” he attended and how “smart” of a guy he thinks he is, he belittled a protester at the and once again showed how petulant, abhorrent, ignorant, and childish he is.

As the protester heckled Trump, Trump walked away from the podium and stared the person down, as if the goofy look from Trump did anything more than make Trump look silly. Because his supporters are as imbecilic as he is, they cheered Trump’s silly stare-down and encouraged his antics. Playing to his immature crowd, Trump then returned to the mic and in further unpresidential fashion that only he can show, he then insulted the protester, using a creepy voice and facial expression to say:

‘Weak voice, weak voice. . .don’t worry. Well he’s a young one, he’s going back home to mommy. Oh is he is trouble. He’s in trouble. And I’ll bet, his mommy voted for us, right.’

Because freedom of speech isn’t so free in Trump’s America, the protester was aggressively removed as Trump insulted him and hurled pointless mommy jokes.

The reality is that Trump wouldn’t know what it means to be presidential if the Russians spelled it out in a meeting with Trump’s son, son-in-law, and campaign manager, then told them to pass on the information to Trump. The repeated instances of Trump getting deep in his feelings when faced with dissension, is proof of that.

However there was once a time, not too long ago, when America and the world had a shining example of presidential. His politics aside, President Obama is the quintessential definition of presidential, class, grace, tact, and diplomacy. An example of Obama’s poise was on display for the world when he was heckled at the White House in 2015. Footage of the eloquent manner in which he responded may be viewed, below:

On the other hand, America’s extremely uncouth so-called commander loves to act like nothing more than a school yard troublemaker. Evidence of that is quite clear in the footage below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.