Ted Lieu’s Response To Trump’s Trans Military Ban Is Everything America Needs


One of our favorite representatives in Congress has sounded off about Trump’s early morning tweets announcing a ban on transgender individuals serving in any capacity in the military, and it’s exactly what we would expect from the congressman.

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA.) released a statement in response to Trump’s bigoted, xenophobic tweets banning transgender individuals from military service. Though we’ve come to know Rep. Lieu as one of the top Trump trolls, his statement highlighted the seriousness behind Trump’s disgusting move.

First, he called out what Trump’s move is: it proves a lack of concern for national security, and it’s pure bigotry.

‘The [p]resident’s exclusion of Americans who happen to be transgender from serving in the military is not based on facts, it is based on naked bigotry.’

Lieu then noted he had served in the military and explained what the military really cares about – your ability to shoot and completing a mission.

‘I know because I served on active duty. The military doesn’t care what your sexual orientation or identity is, or who you love. It cares about whether you can shoot straight and complete the mission.’

He then noted the fact that our military is “volunteer-based,” and Trump’s move bans individuals who are actually willing and want to serve in the military for low pay, to be shot at, and after discharge receive shoddy health care at best.

‘The [p]resident’s discriminatory decision harms our military readiness for our volunteer-based military.’

He then noted that there are already many transgender individuals in the military and noted that they are in the military because they are “willing to die for their country.” Furthermore, he noted their status as a transgender individual has no effect on their ability to hold a gun and shoot it at the enemy.

‘Thousands of transgender Americans are already in the military. Why? Because they are qualified, patriotic and willing to die for their country. There is zero evidence a transgender sniper would be any less qualified than a gay sniper or a straight sniper. Today is a sad day for America.’

Indeed, it is a sad day for America. It’s one thing to be stuck in a time of bigotry and xenophobia. It’s another when you’ve made progress, moved forward only to see every step be erased by the ugliness of hate.

Featured image by Alex Wong/Getty Images.