Trump Freaks Out On Female Reporter Who Mentions Trans Military Ban (VIDEO)


For some reason the notion of civil rights doesn’t faze Donald Trump or his administration one bit. That disregard, intolerance, lack of acceptance, ignorance, and hate are the only possible explanations for Trump having reinstated the ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military.

Donald Trump also doesn’t seem to understand that the bully behavior he has displayed to members of the press since before he took office, doesn’t exactly make him approachable as someone in his position should be. This is especially true anytime someone disagrees with him. Therefore, when it comes to getting answers from Donald Trump, sometimes people have to do so by any reasonable means necessary.

On Wednesday, for one reporter, any reasonable means meant shouting a question about Trump’s ban of transgendered people in the military, once he opened the floor for questions after a press conference. Not an uncommon practice, and one that sometimes leads to the reporter getting an answer, unfortunately this particular White House correspondent’s question was answered with an insult.

In front of what appeared to be a group of children, Trump responded to the reporter by saying, “She’s very rude.” Oddly enough, Trump called the reporter “rude” after having spent the early part of the day insulting Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department.

Per the usual, the hypocrisy of Donald Trump runs even deeper than Wednesday’s display of brazen disrespect of the reporter; the exchange marked the second time this week that Trump has belittled a female member of the press. This is also the second time this week that Trump has behaved like a toddler in front of a group of children.

It’s unfortunate that America’s youth don’t have a commander they can look to for examples of class, professionalism, and maturity.

Watch Trump insult the reporter who asked a legitimate question about Trump’s attack on the civil rights of transgendered people who wish to serve their country, below:

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.