Scaramucci Goes On Twitter Tantrum About Media – He’s Cracking Under Pressure


Under normal circumstances, after Anthony Scaramucci’s tirade interview with a New Yorker reporter, one would expect apologies to the American people, to his “brother” Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Trump’s self-c*ck sucking senior adviser Steve Bannon, and Scaramucci would have just lost the job he was promised, but has not even started yet.

The Trump administration is far from normal circumstances, and the last thing Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucchi is going to do is apologize. Apologies are weak, right?

Rather, he’s playing the blame game and shifting the blame straight to the media. He’s taking a play out of Trump’s books and blaming the reporter he called and tried to back into a corner for information.

In a tweet posted to Twitter shortly after news broke regarding the interview, Scaramucchi tweeted:

‘I made a mistake in trust in a reporter. It won’t happen again.’

He’s basically sorry he got caught and was dumb enough to not say the words “off the record.” The man who was going to fix all the leaks in the White House and whip the communications team back into shape basically created a larger chaotic scandal than Spicer could have ever pulled off. He leaked his own hatred for his colleagues in the Trump administration, Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon. If anything, he showed off just how naïve he really is in the world of political media if he really believed a reporter wouldn’t report what he said if he didn’t ask for it to be off the record.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer may have had his issues keeping the communications team from flooding from all the leaks, but at least he never trusted a reporter to keep a conversation to himself. He actually knew better. This was the perfect example to prove that Scaramucci is far more inept at the press game than Spicer ever was.

Several Twitter users noted the fact that the interview portrayed Scaramucchi as naïve in replies to his tweet.

‘Ah yes, you trusted a reporter to keep your opinions on what Bannon does with his c*ck more low key, but then you got burned. That old tune.’

‘If you don’t want to be interviewed don’t call the @NewYorker.’

‘now now, he’s new at this. How was he to know calling a reporter would turn out this way?’

‘If he doesn’t know the consequences of talking to a reporter, then Scaramucci has no business being WH Comms Director. Sheesh!’

‘You’re literally the worst person Trump has hired yet. Super dopey. Wow you suck bigly.’

‘How many times can this guy claim that something he said on the record was “leaked?”‘

‘It’s cool how the communications director of the White House doesn’t understand how talking to a reporter works.’

‘Truly, it is a glorious, splendid thing. A man who has lit himself on fire within hours of taking his shiny new job. Marvelous.’

‘: why didn’t Trump just give the job to @ScottBaio in the first place?’

‘After this sh*t show,I don’t ever want to be told I don’t have the qualifications for a job from HR again.’

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.